Women Rise Up Against Gender Violence in the Caribbean

Comments by Anthea Weese Having lived and worked during the 1980’s on two other Caribbean islands Jamaica for one year, St. Lucia for six months), We, Wesley & Anthea were impressed with the marked differences we saw in Cuba. Over three years, we spent a total of six months in Cuba, staying in people’s homes. … More Women Rise Up Against Gender Violence in the Caribbean

Dam Expansion In China

Found on Derrick Jensen’s Blog, Blog site forwarded by Lionel E. Interview with Lillana Corredor, March 12, 2017. I don’t know much about Derrick Jensen. Corredor says there are several credible reports about the impact of dams on Mekong River which include expanding dispossession of land, pollution of water, fish loss and huge reduction in nutrient … More Dam Expansion In China

Indigenous Reconciliation of Spirituality

“The Challenge of Reconciling with Indigenous Spirituality” A Lecture by Blair Stonechild, PHD, at Regis College, St. Joseph Chapel, U of Toronto, March 22, 2017 by David Fujino   Imagine being interned for 150 years! — and your language, culture, spirituality and family, your very self — was stripped away under the powers that be. Such … More Indigenous Reconciliation of Spirituality

When the Walls speak

Originally posted on Fundación Solón:
Walter Solón Romero Gonzales (1923-1999) was a master Bolivian muralist that lived with the obsession to make the walls speak, embrace and dream. He painted walls and canvas to refresh the memory, unhide the truth and light up rebel spirits. Today to address climate change we must use…

The Battles Continue on Turtle Island

The Nlaka’pamux Nation is located in south eastern British Columbia and North Eastern United States. They are a coalition of many bands in the area. Photo is circa 1914. The original Kinder Morgan pipeline was built through Niaka’pamux territory without consent from the Niaka’pamux nation. Recent News Release by way of Toronto Media Coop The … More The Battles Continue on Turtle Island

Good News Bad News

China has recently announced a massive expansion of renewables within China. Also the Chinese have secured many large projects throughout the rest of the world. Their economy continues to reduce production of physical goods. Renewables and reduced production will offer much relief for the beleaguered millions who have been suffering from the problems associated with smog. … More Good News Bad News