Candlelight Vigil in Belleville, ON

Kinder Morgan Pipeline protest in Belleville

About 12 people braved the cold and held a vigil at the Belleville Public Library Monday 21 November at 5 PM. All over Canada groups were holding similar vigils,  in support of the campaign to stop the Kinder Morgan expansion that would increase Kinder Morgan pipeline capacity by 200%. People present are supporting indigenous struggles for treaty rights and the safety of all people, especially the safety of their water sources. They want the Trudeau government to respect the rights of Indigenous people and keep their environment safe. If the government goes ahead with the pipeline, the climate promises made in Paris will not be able to be fulfilled. To have any chance to reduce atmospheric CO2 we must decline any new fossil fuel infrastructure. North America already has a glut of Fossil Fuels in storage. This overcapacity is driving the selling price to lower and lower thresholds.  While candles burned and flash lights were alight, a vibrant discussion was held regarding, the pipeline, climate change, indigenous rights and our world.
Some of the protesters belonged to the Quinte Biosphere Defenders, Council of Canadians, Amnesty International Group 111 Belleville and sympathizers.

P.S. As far as we knew,  we were going to be the only group supporting the vigil between Kingston and Toronto.
Mieke Thorne: 613-969-1782  Connie Gallupe 613-962-7416

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