Climate Vigil Nov. 21st Belleville, ON

The current planetary weather crisis and the new political crisis in the US requires us to respond together. November 21st, 2016 has been designated as an evening for a candlelight vigil in many parts of Canada. Weds. Nov 16th at 4pm there is a webinar with more details.

Although the vigil is focused on stopping Kinder Morgan in BC we must reverse production and consumption of fossil fuels around the world. We will know soon enough what our current government plans to do about our common need for clean air, clean water and food for all of us. The vigils across Canada will send a message about our resolve.

After our warm dry summer local conservation authorities are still reporting record low levels of ground water.

We will meet in the parking lot at 258 Pinnacle St., beside the Belleville Public Library. Short speeches are welcome.

Everyone is welcome to participate including members of Quinte Grannies for Africa, Quinte NDP, Council of Canadians Quinte, CFUW, Quinte Biosphere Defenders, Knight Kitchen participants and Belleville Branch of Amnesty International.

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