Before The Flood

New documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio and many others has brought forward many of the most salient issues of current conditions for Climate Change.

From Penny V.

Hi, I was at friends last evening and we watched the new film by Leonardo DiCaprio called Before The Flood. It looks at the science and realities of climate change around the world. It is a very powerful movie and I think as many people as possible should watch it.  It can be seen  for free on the internet and it is also in the schedule of the National Geographic channel. ( If you go to the National Geographic Channel website on line you can find the film and run it from there. My friends had a cable from their lap top to their TV which made watching the movie much better)
The producers are inviting everyone to watch it for free as they feel the information is vital for all.  Just one example:  There is an interview with the mayor of Miami Florida. He and the city are now experiencing daily flooding when the tide comes in because the sea level is rising due to massive melting of glacial ice in the North and Antarctica.  The water comes up through the sewers as well as over the land. The water is very contaminated. it is costing Miami millions of dollars to raise streets and sewers and install pumping stations. The mayor said the work being done might hold back the waters for thirty or so years if big changes to lower green house and other climate altering gases are not made beginning immediately. His biggest frustration is that the state government in Florida has banned the words climate change and refuse to see its effects in that state.
Please, take the time to see this film if at all possible and share it with family and friends.  All the best, Penny

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